Local Down Low

Are you curious about what's going on in the Central Coast of California? Get the down low on the local low down, including the scoop about music, food and other haps.

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A Taste of the Orient:
Miyuki Japanese Restaurant

by Rosío Sánchez, Lucy Aguirre, Cynthia Vega-Sánchez, Vanessa Carter

China Buffet:
Enjoy the Variety

by María Navarro, Marisela Marinez

Thai Pepper:
The New Crave Sensation Getting High on that Thai

by Cristal Juárez, Karina Huerta

¡Ay Jalisco!
by José Leal


Hip Hop in Watsonville:
Meet the Warlordz

by Melanie Guerrero

Canciones y bailes de hoy

by Martín J. Rodríguez


Chill Placez:
Finding the Best Places to Hang Out in Watsonville

by Alfonzo Collazo, Karina Huerta, FONZ-E, Dee

Feelin’ Tha Heat:
Good Timez on a Budget

by FONZ-E, Dee

Los Dryheavers:
Interview With the Band

by Martha Béjar

Watsonville’s First Teen Night Club
by José Leal