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°Ay Jalisco!
Author: Josť Leal

In the small city of Watsonville, there is a place 
where families and friends join together and dine. 
This place is called Jalisco Restaurant. (Jalisco is a 
state in Mexico, where there is a variety of great 
Mexican cuisine.) 
This restaurant has a great environment, with 
traditional art, rustic dining tables and beautiful 
plants. You actually feel like you are in Mexico, 
dining in one of the many great restaurants that the 
country has to offer. The customer service is one of a 
kindĖand not only does Jalisco provide good food, it 
also provides great music on the weekends.
Jalisco brings it all together in one place: great 
music, a hot bar, tasty Mexican cuisine and excellent 
service. What else could one possibly want from a 
The plates vary from steamy tamales to great (if not 
the best) fajitas. On weekends, Jalisco is filled with 
people enjoying the environment and food. The prices 
or the plates alone donít add up to what you get all 
together. Itís an experience. 
I am a regular of Jalisco Restaurant. Every time I get 
a chance, I dine there. So when you get an 
opportunity, try Jaliscoís Mexican food. Iím sure you 
wonít be disappointed. The food, the music and the 
surroundings make Jalisco second to none.