Stop the Violence

Calling All Virgins!
Doing the Dirrrty Deed
by Katia Protsenko

Cracked Up:
Crack Cocaine is Still in High Schools
by Peter Castillo

Domestic Disturbances:
My Ride A Long With Officer Robles
by Maria García

Evading Existence by Cynthia Vega-Sánchez

Gang Life:
A personal Odyssey
by Anonymous

Gangster Rap
The Road to Oblivion
by Anonymous

Hate it or Love it
The Vegetable Dilemma
by Adrian Ponce

I Was a Teenage Gangster by Anonymous

In Loving Memory by Alejandra Nolasco

It could happen to you:
Student loses friend to drunk driving
by Justin Quiroz

Keeping youth out of Juvie by Maria Orozco

Know Your Rights: AB537 Protects
LGBQT Youth from Discrimination
by Cynthia Pérez

Letter From the Inside by Anonymous

Love vs. Capricho by Alejandra Nolasco

Me, Myself & Mary Jane
How I Lost a Friend’s Trust
by Anonymous

Meth = Death by Cesar Froylán

My Mother Aint No Mama by Your Next Door Neighbor

Pain, Blood, Hurt….Love?
The truth about abusive relationships
by Shoutout Staff

Palabras que duelen
Words that Hurt….
by Vanessa Soma

Sexual Abuse by Anonymous

Stop Pushing Me Away! by Beatriz Hernandez

Teenworks is Teamwork
A report from the annual teenworks conference
by Serafin Villanueva, Christina Bustamante

The Great Escape... by Shoutout Staff

The Hole in My Soul:
Recovering from Meth Addiction
by Raquel Marks

The Invisible Rapist by Mayra Cervantes

Violación Sexual:
The Truth About Rape in Watsonville
by Martha Béjar

Violación Sexual:
The Truth About Rape in Watsonville
by Martha Béjar

What They Claim:
Getting in and Out of Gangs in Watsonville
by Maria García

When rules no longer matter by Anonymous