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Feelin’ Tha Heat:
Good Timez on a Budget
Author: FONZ-E, Dee

Strapless tops, short skirts, tight shades, sandals, 
and beaterz.
Yup, it’s that time of the year.  The weather’s 
getting warmer, and you know you’re looking for 
sumtin’ to do.  So here’s the 411 on what to do ladies 
and fellaz…
You want a real good time, huh? You want adventure, to 
feel the adrenaline rush thru your veins? Then head to 
Lake San Antonio down by King City.  There’s lots to 
do out there, from jet skiing to camping at reasonable 
If you want the same rush without having to travel so 
far, just head to Santa Cruz with a friend or two and 
rent some kayaks.  Santa Cruz beaches are great this 
time of year for kayaking.  It’s not that hard to do.  
You know you ant to get in shape so you might as well 
have fun working out, right?
Fellaz, how about doing something nice for your lady? 
Take her out to Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove.  Pack 
up her favorite food, some drinks, take a portable CD 
player along…you can sit in a private spot along the 
cliffs, look out at the waves, the people, talk all 
afternoon, daydream together…she will love you for 
it.  This I guarantee.
Aiight…enough with the sappy issshh.
For those of you with the bank, here’s something 
you’ll never forget…ROADTRIP!…Get all packed up, and 
call your friends.  Take as much ca$h as possible…ok, 
just make sure you have enough…ready for it??… Two 
words…San Francisco!
You really don’t need a plan to enjoy the City.  Trust 
us, Dee and I know.  All you need is to head out to 
Fisherman’s Wharf (Pier 39).  It’s like an all year 
carnival out there.  SERIOUS! With all the vendors 
selling stuff from body jewelry to cultural paintings, 
and let’s not forget all the gooooood food!  There’s 
something for everyone. Dee got her palm read last 
time we visited and I don’t know if you believe in 
that stuff but it all came true for her or at least 
that’s what she told me…
You can check out the Rainforest Café, Ripley’s 
Believe It or Not, the Wax Museum, and all the great 
clothing shops with mad deals…trust us, you won’t want 
to bounce.
There’s also Union Square with all the name brand 
stores like Old Navy, Armani X-Change, Fossil, Mac, 
GUCCI and Virgin Records.  
But wait, you can’t forget to get some good grub.  
About ten minutes from Union Square in the Russian 
Hill district, there’s Nick’s Crispy Tacos.  The food 
there is hella good.  And the horchata…let’s just say 
my grandma in Mexico doesn’t even make it like that.
Hey, I bet the sun’s out…look out your window…see it?  
Get off your butt already! Now ya KNOW there’s plenty 
to do.