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Los Dryheavers:
Interview With the Band
Author: Martha Béjar

“Dirty blues, rock and roll with a punk-rock 
attitude,” describes Los Dryheavers’ multiple styles 
of music. This “quirky” bilingual band has been 
attracting a large audience recently, and over the 
last year has been recognized by the under-21 crowd, 
especially in Watsonville.
The band started up two years ago, just to have fun 
(even the name Los Dryheavers was a joke). But not 
only did the name stick, they also started becoming 
more popular. The band was originally influenced by 
70s punk rockers such as The Clash, The Ramones, and 
The Plugz. 
“We all, at one point or another, had mohawks,” says 
guitarist Felix Lozano.
Although the band’s punk influence presented itself on 
early tunes such as “Born to Lose,” “Tomando te miras 
mejor,” and “Drink to Get F**ked Up,” that’s not all 
that they’re about. Those lyrics are wilder, they say, 
because they were originally playing at the bars to an 
older crowd. 
“The younger audiences,” says Márquez, “think we’re 
raging in the streets, but we’re far from it.” 
Their image as role models is “like a Catch 22,” they 
say. On one hand, they’re supposed to be these hard-
core punk rockers; but in reality some members hold 
interesting and respectable jobs, and they want to 
have a positive influence on younger audiences. They 
say that they are evolving and that they have two key 
messages for the youth of today: “Educate yourselves,” 
and, Lozano emphasizes, “If you’re going to be having 
sex, be safe about it.” That’s definitely the bottom 
Los Dryheavers love Watsonville’s support of the local 
shows. “It’s nice to know that they are giving 
something to the kids to do. The kids have a good 
time,” notes Eddie “Stax” Savala. 
This is definitely a positive change for Watsonville 
because, Lozano says, “What we’re doing is a lot less 
damaging than the reality of being out in the street.”
This band has proven to be dedicated and consistent 
with their musical career. Márquez says that, “The 
younger you are, and the less responsibilities you 
have, the funner it is.” Los Dryheavers have also been 
known to help out other groups who are just getting 
They do admit that playing music isn’t the highest 
paying job, and you have to sacrifice a little, 
but, “Overall, you do it because you love it.” Their 
piece of advice for all those bands getting started 
is… “Stick it through!”