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A Taste of the Orient:
Miyuki Japanese Restaurant
Author: Rosío Sánchez, Lucy Aguirre, Cynthia Vega-Sánchez, Vanessa Carter

When most people think Japanese food, they think 
steamed rice, raw fish, and chopsticks, right? Well at 
Miyuki, you can find a lot more than just fish eggs. 
The second you walk in, the classic-yet-contemporary 
atmosphere takes you by surprise.
We decided to get things started with California 
Rolls, a form of crab sushi wrapped in seaweed and 
stuck on rice. This exquisite delicacy is tastefully 
bitter with an unforgettable texture. The mixture of 
teriyaki and sesame chicken is to die for, the neatly 
sliced strips of chicken were delightfully sweet and 
sour. Also, the pot stickers were delicious—to be 
honest we didn’t know what the hell they were made of, 
but damn they were good.
For those of you who are vegans or vegetarians, there 
are tofu alternatives. And to finish off, we tried 
green tea ice cream — it’s minty with a taste of 
vanilla, and a bit cream. It’s like a party in your 
mouth and everyone is invited!
The prices were very fair, everything is moderately 
inexpensive. Now for the complaints; service was S L O 
W, they wouldn’t serve us saki (which is 
understandable, we guess…), and we had to seat 
ourselves. Nothing a lousy tip can’t fix for next 
time. Nonetheless, the restaurant was overall very 
good. We give it four and a quarter stars out of five. 
Not bad, huh?