Street Scenez

Cracked Up:
Crack Cocaine is Still in High Schools
by Peter Castillo

When Time is Running Out
by Cynthia Pérez

Finish Line:
Street Racing:
It’s Illegal, It’s Dangerous, so Why Does It Happen?
by Julio Alvarez

Gang Life:
A personal Odyssey
by Anonymous

Get a Job by Cynthia Pérez

Hate it or Love it
The Vegetable Dilemma
by Adrian Ponce

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
The truth about friends with benefits.
by Anonymous

Homeless Teens:
Nowhere To Turn
by Vanessa Carter

I Was a Teenage Gangster by Anonymous

In Loving Memory by Alejandra Nolasco

It could happen to you:
Student loses friend to drunk driving
by Justin Quiroz

It’s Big, It’s Bold:
Graffiti Street Art
A California Graffiti Artist Tells How to Go Pro
by José Leal, Julio Alvarez

Keeping youth out of Juvie by Maria Orozco

Know Your Rights: AB537 Protects
LGBQT Youth from Discrimination
by Cynthia Pérez

Me, Myself & Mary Jane
How I Lost a Friend’s Trust
by Anonymous

Meth = Death by Cesar Froylán

My Addiction; myspace by Adrian Ponce-Rojas

My Mother Aint No Mama by Your Next Door Neighbor

Ridin' High on Low-Riders
The Lowdown and Lowriders
by Justin Quiroz

Smoking equals CHOKING by Justin Quiroz

Teenworks is Teamwork
A report from the annual teenworks conference
by Serafin Villanueva, Christina Bustamante

The Departed Is Bloody Good! by Jose Zamora

The Great Escape... by Shoutout Staff

The Hole in My Soul:
Recovering from Meth Addiction
by Raquel Marks

What is E.C.?
Let’s see
by Christina Bustamante

What They Claim:
Getting in and Out of Gangs in Watsonville
by Maria García