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Chill Placez:
Finding the Best Places to Hang Out in Watsonville
Author: Alfonzo Collazo, Karina Huerta, FONZ-E, Dee

WEEKEND IS COMING! Where to go? What to do? Party at 
Raul’s!!! But what about the times when the weekends 
are dead and there are no parties to go to? What then? 
Ahh, the stresses of being a teenager! Hey, I know the 
feeling. Been there, done that. But don’t stress, 
we’re here to help. Who said Watsonville was boring? 
You’re just not looking hard enough, or maybe you’re 
just too lazy…
So here’s the deal. Our names are Alfonzo and Karina, 
AKA Fonz-E & Dee. Two seniors from Watsonville High 
School. From now on, we’re here to tell you about the 
different chill placez in Watsonville and the 
surrounding area. This is what we’re here for; let us 
do the thinking for you…
I (Fonz-E) was at the school football game with a 
couple of friends on a Friday night. The game wasn’t 
as exciting as I had hoped for (no offense to the 
football players ‘cause you have to admit that they 
have had really good game this year). So I decided to 
call up Karina and tell her to come get me so we could 
cruise down to Starbucks. On our way there we 
anticipated the sweet aroma of coffee, warm, melted 
chocolate, and cinnamon that made us both weak in the 
As we went inside the coffee shop, we were greeted 
with a smile from one of the baristas, and without 
hesitation we walked up to the counter and ordered our 
drinks. I ordered my usual, a grande white chocolate 
mocha with caramel syrup and sauce. Then Karina had 
her ultimate favorite as well, a grande white 
chocolate Frappucino, extra shot of espresso, with 
caramel sauce, whipped cream and a touch of cinnamon. 
WHOOF! That was long.
So we sat down on the couches and waited for our 
drinks to be served. I got lost in the mural behind 
the couches. I was amazed by the art that reflected 
the perfect mood for a relaxing atmosphere. 
“I love coming here. It’s so relaxing, and their 
coffee, it’s mmm…good!” said a 17-year old guy from 
Watsonville High School.
As we waited for our drinks, we found out that a 
variety of people come here. We also saw some of our 
friends, and made new ones. We interviewed many teens 
and came up with a conclusion: Starbucks is one of the 
best places to be on a Friday night. People come here 
to chill, to work on projects, to interact, to wait 
for the drag races or to just drink a cup of coffee.
They called our names and we went to get our drinks. 
The night mood was perfect, so relaxing and full of 
life. We were so glad that we decided to come here. 
What a great place to be on an evening when there was 
hardly anyone roaming the streets.