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Watsonville’s First Teen Night Club
Author: José Leal

The place is here! Bring your feet to the dance floor 
and enjoy Watsonville’s new night life. No more 
hanging at Jack in the Box—now you can spend your time 
in a place where you could enjoy great drinks for 
teens, great music, and meet new people. Forget 
leaving town to go and party somewhere else—and 
(parents) forget worrying about where your teens are 
on the weekends. I know where they’ll be—at 
Watsonville’s first teen night club, having fun in a 
safe, healthy way. 
Hey you—yeah, you, reading this article! I bet you 
like what you hear, right? I bet you’re one of the 
many teenagers who look for things to do here in 
Watsonville. It’s up to us to make this a reality. I 
know we’re all tired of hanging at Jack in the Box or 
going out of town to party, just wasting money by 
going out somewhere else.
In the past, the people of Watsonville were asked to 
choose what would help teens stay active and out of 
trouble. There were three choices: a skate park, a 
computer center, and a teen night club. Today, we 
already have the first two. Now all we need is the 
last one, a teen night club for all of us.
Watsonville used to have a great nightlife, but over 
the years that changed, and this became a boring and 
dead town for most people. These days, there are bars 
for people over 21, and we all know that Watsonville 
is filled with fast food restaurants—
but where on Main Street can a teen go and hang and 
have a good time?
We can let our voices be heard if we all get together 
and bring our idea together into a plan. And, yes, the 
city has plenty of money for teen activities.
I wrote an article a while back—an editorial about how 
there isn’t anything for teenagers to do in 
Watsonville. But I guess there is a lot that we could 
do here. We could go and play with little kids in the 
youth center or go and break a leg trying to skate! 
Come on, who’s really into that? I know I’m not. I 
wrote this as my own opinion and as a message to the 
city. I hope someone lays eyes on it and tries to help 
our cause. In the end, though, I guess it’s back to 
Jack. Hey, I’m starting to get used to eating burgers 
on weekends.