Likes and Dislikes

An Interview with The Bay Area’s
Hot New Hip Hop Talent
by Barbara Sanchez

Blowing Away the Myth by Juan Ruiz, David Ortiz, Cesar Froylán

Brainwashed to Buy by Migueltzinta C. Solms

Calling All Virgins!
Doing the Dirrrty Deed
by Katia Protsenko

Cracked Up:
Crack Cocaine is Still in High Schools
by Peter Castillo

Día de los Muertos in Michoacán by Martín J. Rodríguez

When Time is Running Out
by Cynthia Pérez

Gangster Rap
The Road to Oblivion
by Anonymous

Get a Job by Cynthia Pérez

Hate it or Love it
The Vegetable Dilemma
by Adrian Ponce

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
The truth about friends with benefits.
by Anonymous

I Was a Teenage Gangster by Anonymous

Keeping youth out of Juvie by Maria Orozco

Know Your Rights: AB537 Protects
LGBQT Youth from Discrimination
by Cynthia Pérez

Me, Myself & Mary Jane
How I Lost a Friend’s Trust
by Anonymous

Meth = Death by Cesar Froylán

Music Makes You Lose Control! by David Ortiz

My Addiction; myspace by Adrian Ponce-Rojas

My Mother Aint No Mama by Your Next Door Neighbor

No More ‘Eat Your Veggies’ from Mom by Cesar Froylán

Pain, Blood, Hurt….Love?
The truth about abusive relationships
by Shoutout Staff

Ridin' High on Low-Riders
The Lowdown and Lowriders
by Justin Quiroz

Sex and Safety:
A Good Mix
by Christina Bustamante

Smoking equals CHOKING by Justin Quiroz

Swinging with the Swing Time café by Serafin Villanueva

Teens protest execution of
Stanley “Tookie” Williams
by Juan Ruiz

The Departed Is Bloody Good! by Jose Zamora

The Great Escape... by Shoutout Staff

The Hole in My Soul:
Recovering from Meth Addiction
by Raquel Marks

The Local Music Scene by Cynthia Pérez

The Morning After by Whitney Richards

The Myth of Healthy Fast food by Justin Quiroz

The Silent Killer by Adrian Ponce-Rojas

To Porn or not to Porn?
That is the Question
by Lil’ M.C.

Under Pressure:
family life, friends and clubs make school difficult
by Serafin Villanueva

Wanna be healthy? Exercise! by Vanessa Carter

When rules no longer matter by Anonymous