Sex…The Hot Topic!

Accidents Happen:
Pregnancy Doesn’t Have To!
by Martha Béjar

Algo Inesperado:
Teen Moms Tell Their Story
by Fabiola Cardenas

Breast, Face, or Booty?
What’s More Important—What You Carry, or How You Carry It?
by Angie Martínez, Cristal Juárez

Calling All Virgins!
Doing the Dirrrty Deed
by Katia Protsenko

Candy, Chips and CONDOMS:
Vending Machines Aren’t Just for Snacks Anymore
by Rosío Sánchez, Juan Gallegos, Christian Placencia, Delfina Sánchez, Cristal Juárez, Alfonzo Collazo

Does Age Matter?
The Real Deal About Dating Older Partners
by Claudia Ramos

When Time is Running Out
by Cynthia Pérez

Emergency Contraception:
It’s Not Too Late!
by Shoutout Staff

Forbidden Love:
Is Statutory Rape Really Worth It?
by Alejandra Nolasco, Angel Mejía

Gay Marriage Is Against Our Nation’s Ideals by Oscar Lomeli

Goin' Down:
Busting the Myths of Oral Sex
by Vanessa Carter

Hard to Swallow:
Who thought taking birth control was only a woman’s job?
by Alejandra Nolasco, Angel Mejía

Have You Seen the Safer Sex Machines? by Alejandra Nolasco

He Did Not Hear My Words:
A True Story of Date Rape
by Anonymous

I Like Little Girls...
They Make Me Feel So Big!
by Vanessa Carter

La Calcomanía Milagrosa by Cristal Galindo

Let’s have sex…Umm…NO! by Karina Huerta

Living with AIDS in Watsonville by Claudia Ramos

Love, Jealousy, or Control? by Alejandra Nolasco

Marriage Is a Right That Everyone Should Have by Monique Guzmán

Missy Elliott Says “Work It”…with a Condom:
MTV Concert Promotes Safer Sex
by Julio Alvarez, Christian Placencia, Cristal Juárez, Karina Huerta, Angel Mejía

No Labelz Necessary:
Out N’ About in Watsonville

Pro-Choice is Every Woman’s Right by Christian Placencia

Sex and Safety:
A Good Mix
by Christina Bustamante

Sex and Sexuality Quiz by Shoutout Staff

Sex for Love, Love for Sex by Isabel Martínez

Sexual Abuse by Anonymous

Should They Know?
Do Teens Have Privacy When it comes to Abortion?
by Maria Orozco

STD Clinic Visit: A Female Perspective by Fabiola Cardenas

STD Testing: A Male Perspective by José Leal

The 411 on Sex Education by Cynthia Pérez

The Danger of Abortion by Alejandra Nolasco

To Porn or not to Porn?
That is the Question
by Lil’ M.C.

It’s all in the Mind
by Angela Fabiola Cárdenas Rosales

What’s Going On?:
the President Ignores Comprehensive Sex Ed
by Nadia Molina

“Have you done it?” by Liz P.

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