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Thai Pepper:
The New Crave Sensation Getting High on that Thai
Author: Cristal Juárez, Karina Huerta

Have you ever tried Thai food? If you haven’t, you 
should.  Did you know that we have our very own Thai 
food restaurant in Watsonville?  Yes, Thai Pepper, 
with authentic Thai cuisine, is the newest sensation 
hitting the craves on the streets.  And if you haven’t 
experienced a visit to Thai Pepper, you are just 
missing out!
As you walk in the restaurant, you’re automatically 
greeted with a smile.  The hostess invites you in, and 
like most restaurants they serve you water and offer 
you drinks, you know like soda and tea.  We decided to 
try their famous Thai iced tea and Thai coffee.  Wow, 
they were good.  Starbucks watch out.
The room was filled with comfort, exotic colors and 
beautiful sculptures.  Our waitress helped take our 
orders—hey it was our first time, we just hope it was 
as good for her as it was for us.  She kindly 
explained most of the dishes and recommended some of 
their traditional creations.  Pad Thai is a must in a 
Thai custom dinner, so of course we got it.  We also 
grubbed on some red curry paste over duck and Thai 
sweet and sour pork served over steamed rice.
The service was quick and friendly.  Now, the food in 
one word, “Delish!”  OMIGOD, it was good! Yum! Every 
plate had a kick and exotic taste.  Next was dessert.  
Hee, hee, hee!  We got a few tips on desserts and were 
recommended the fried ice cream.  Yeah you read it 
right, FRIED ICE-CREAM!  We knew we had to try that.  
You are probably thinking, is it even possible?  Sure 
it is, and it was scrumptious!  We nibbled coconut 
cream ice-cream, bathed in flour, and fried and topped 
with whip cream…oh yeah, let’s not forget the cherry 
on top.
Overall, our experience was exceptionally great.  Thai 
food is not only good but surprisingly similar to 
Chinese and Mexican food.  So, next time you’re 
hungry, don’t stop at the Taquería or Chinese 
restaurant but try something new.  Thai Pepper, the 
authentic Thai cuisine that’s the new sensation 
hitting the craves in the streets of PV>
Thai Pepper is located at 1983 Main Street, 
Watsonville (in the Crossroads Center).  Open 7 days a