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China Buffet:
Enjoy the Variety
Author: María Navarro, Marisela Marinez

Have you heard? There’s a new food buffet in town! Not 
only that, it’s a Chinese buffet. It is located on 
Main Street, in the Mansion House, across from 
Gottchalks. Other Chinese restaurants better watch 
out! They might lose their customers to the New China 
It is uniquely decorated with traditional Chinese 
umbrellas, dragons, and beautiful portraits of 
waterfalls giving it a peaceful and pleasant look.  If 
you would like to enjoy an outdoor dinner, they also 
have tables placed outside the restaurant surrounded 
by white flowers and plants. 
This buffet has a variety of foods, but for you 
chicken lovers out there this is the place to go. Most 
of the food in the buffet is chicken cooked in a 
variety of ways. They also have chow mein, fried rice, 
sushi, mushrooms, beef and broccoli, egg-rolls, as 
well as other traditional Chinese recipes. For dessert 
they have a variety of fruits, chocolate pudding, jell-
o, cake, and breads.
We went to the buffet on two different occasions. The 
first time we went it was around three o’ clock when 
there weren’t very many people, and the food was 
delicious. The second time it was around twelve 
(lunchtime), and the food wasn’t as great as the first 
time. It might have not been as good because there 
were more people and they had to cook the food faster.
The service in the buffet is excellent. As soon as you 
enter you are greeted with a smile. Throughout your 
meal they constantly ask if you need anything or if 
they can assist you with anything. They bring the 
drinks to your table, and if you need a refill they 
get it for you. 
Overall the new Chinese Buffet is good. Give it a try. 
Don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself and 
see how you like it.