Youth Making Some Noise!

Amor y Deseo at Heartville High by Pete Hernandez

Being Bossy Isn’t So Bad!
What it Takes to Inspire Others
by Alejandra Vaca

Blowing Away the Myth by Juan Ruiz, David Ortiz, Cesar Froylán

Brainwashed to Buy by Migueltzinta C. Solms

Calling All Virgins!
Doing the Dirrrty Deed
by Katia Protsenko

Candy, Chips and CONDOMS:
Vending Machines Aren’t Just for Snacks Anymore
by Rosío Sánchez, Juan Gallegos, Christian Placencia, Delfina Sánchez, Cristal Juárez, Alfonzo Collazo

Cracked Up:
Crack Cocaine is Still in High Schools
by Peter Castillo

Crazy...weird...or crying for help:
Cutting for Control
by Mayra Cervantes, Alvaro Martinez

When Time is Running Out
by Cynthia Pérez

Eating Out
Avoiding a Super-Sized Belly
by Cynthia Pérez

Gangster Rap
The Road to Oblivion
by Anonymous

Get a Job by Cynthia Pérez

Hate it or Love it
The Vegetable Dilemma
by Adrian Ponce

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
The truth about friends with benefits.
by Anonymous

I Was a Teenage Gangster by Anonymous

It could happen to you:
Student loses friend to drunk driving
by Justin Quiroz

Keeping youth out of Juvie by Maria Orozco

Know Your Rights: AB537 Protects
LGBQT Youth from Discrimination
by Cynthia Pérez

Let’s have sex…Umm…NO! by Karina Huerta

Love vs. Capricho by Alejandra Nolasco

Me, Myself & Mary Jane
How I Lost a Friend’s Trust
by Anonymous

Meth = Death by Cesar Froylán

My Experience at The Mosaic by Julio Alvarez

My Mother Aint No Mama by Your Next Door Neighbor

No Labelz Necessary:
Out N’ About in Watsonville

No More ‘Eat Your Veggies’ from Mom by Cesar Froylán

Pain, Blood, Hurt….Love?
The truth about abusive relationships
by Shoutout Staff

Palabras que duelen
Words that Hurt….
by Vanessa Soma

Robo-Tripping by Cesar Froyland

Sex and Safety:
A Good Mix
by Christina Bustamante

Sexual Abuse by Anonymous

Should They Know?
Do Teens Have Privacy When it comes to Abortion?
by Maria Orozco

ShoutOut’s Staff in Da Big City:
Our Trip to YO! Magazine
by Martha Béjar

Smoking equals CHOKING by Justin Quiroz

Stop Pushing Me Away! by Beatriz Hernandez

Summer School Blues by Maria Orozco

Teenworks is Teamwork
A report from the annual teenworks conference
by Serafin Villanueva, Christina Bustamante

The 411 on Sex Education by Cynthia Pérez

The CRT gets C-U-T by Alvaro Martinez

The Great Escape... by Shoutout Staff

The Local Music Scene by Cynthia Pérez

The Morning After by Whitney Richards

The Myth of Healthy Fast food by Justin Quiroz

The Silent Killer by Adrian Ponce-Rojas

Think school is lame?
Think again, dude.
by Angel Mejía

Under Pressure:
family life, friends and clubs make school difficult
by Serafin Villanueva

Wanna be healthy? Exercise! by Vanessa Carter

What is E.C.?
Let’s see
by Christina Bustamante

What’s Going On?:
the President Ignores Comprehensive Sex Ed
by Nadia Molina

When rules no longer matter by Anonymous

Youth Speak Out On Iraq War by Roxy Brown

“Have you done it?” by Liz P.