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Youth Making Some Noise!

ShoutOut’s Staff in Da Big City:
Our Trip to YO! Magazine
Author: Martha Béjar

When we arrived in San Francisco, some of us were 
amazed! It was the first time many of us had seen a 
city that big. We parked the cars and went walking 
around to find 660 Market Street. We had a meeting 
with Youth Outlook! (YO!). Another magazine like ours 
created by youth ages 14- 25. YO! Features new 
articles, essays, comic strips, and poetry pages. YO! 
is sponsored by Pacific News.
When we got to their office, the YO! staff greeted us. 
They made us feel comfortable by making lots of jokes. 
Kevin Weston, the associate editor informed us that 
they work with approximately 50 to 60 people to create 
each issue. 
We also met some of the staff who work with teens in 
Juvenile Hall to produce a weekly magazine called The 
Beat Within. The magazine publishes work from juivies 
all over the state of California. It includes all 
types of poems and drawings. The Beat Within is 
printed every week but is distributed mostly in 
juvenile halls. But don’t worry, you can order your 
own subscription to both the Beat Within and YO! 
Online at
YO! also collaborates on producing Afghan Journal, 
Quietly Torn, DeBug, Izote Vos and Roaddawgz. Many of 
YQ!’s stories get printed in the Pacific News wire 
service, with provides braking news stories for other 
media outlets around the US. 
After the presentation we wrapped things up, went to 
lunch and explored other parts of the city. On the way 
home all we thought about was how exciting the day 
was, and the encouragement we received to pursue a 
career in journalism.