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Youth Making Some Noise!

No Labelz Necessary:
Out Ní About in Watsonville
Author: FONZ-E

Aiite, so letís skip the political correctness ní get 
down to business. Whatís really the skinny on being 
gay, Latino, and living in Watsonville?
For me, itís more than my sexual orientation. Iím 
actually writing thiz because I know a lot of people 
look up to me and they want their voices to be heard. 
Letís see if I can speak for them.
Personally, my outlook on the gay community as a whole 
is that itíz too much drama! Itís like High School 
cheerleaders with all the backstabbing, cheating, and 
intrigue. Itís worse because weíre men and we want it 
our way or no way at all.
Iím more than just a gay kid. I define myself as a 
leader striving for success. If anything I thrive on 
success; being on top and making a difference really 
gets me going. All the stereotypes you see on TV like 
Will & Grace or Queer As Folk are common but not 
completely true like most stereotypes. Letís face it, 
not all Mexicans are greasy, lazy field workers and 
not all gay people are dramatic and feminine. Gay 
people are just like you, trying to make the best of 
their lives. They donít all fit into a narrow 
Growing up here and being a gay kid has been an 
interesting experience. Some of my closest friends in 
Watsonville claim they knew I was gay before I did.
A lot of people ask me if Iíve had to deal with fights 
or bullies ní stuff but you know what, I really 
havenít. Iíve been lucky to have a group of friends 
who back me up: 
Like freshman year at WHS, people were always trippiní 
on me and all that but Big Drew ní all the guyz were 
always there to cool people off ní tell them to give 
me a chance. Thatís a lot Ďcuz people started 
respecting me more and wanted to get to know me.
I think Iíve also done a lot on my part to stay out of 
trouble. I try to meet people a lot and get involved 
at school. Iíve done it all, from fashion shows, to 
the MATA Club, even the Sierra Katz at WHS.
For those of you who identify yourselves as gay, 
lesbian, bisexual, questioning, just curious, 
exploring, or whatever, and you feel lost or left out, 
I recommend you get involved. Join the clubs, sports 
or activities at school. People are more accepting 
than you think they are. Trust me. You canít expect to 
make friends and fit in without trying.
And for those of you on the other side, you know, 
the Ďnormalí onez or whatever, then try to educate 
yourself. Be open-minded enough to meet new people and 
be accepting of their differences. When you go out 
into the real world youíre going to meet many 
different people, and if you stay open to whatever is 
out there, then you can be ready to handle anything.
And for yíall who made my experience here so much fun: 
Thankz for all those good timez. Party on ní stay upÖ
Iím Out.