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Amor y Deseo at Heartville High
Author: Pete Hernandez

Lies, drama, sex, pregnancy, partying, relationships. 
These are the pressures that teenagers face 
today. “Amor y Deseo at Heartville High” is a new 
radio soap opera that tells the lives of teenagers and 
the pressures they confront—whether they are ready for 
them or not. The actors are local teens from 
Watsonville, Salinas, Green-field, and Soledad.
The story revolves around several teenagers who have 
to deal with difficult situations— sometimes with 
drastic consequences. Nancy gets pregnant by someone 
who isn’t her regular partner. Chris tries to 
manipulate Jasmine, by slipping a drug in her drink at 
a party. Then, the money for the senior class trip 
mysteriously disappears. In the small town of 
Heartville, teens tackle tough issues, as they 
experience the joys and pains of growing up fast in a 
small town.
“Amor y Deseo at Heartville High” was created by 
Population Services International (PSI) in conjunction 
with KHDC 90.9, a bilingual radio station out of 
Salinas. The radio novela hopes to reach out to local 
teenagers by creating a cast of characters like us, 
whose actions have consequences. 
I have had the opportunity to work with the show by 
being cast as Javier, a popular DJ who has all the 
right connections. 
It has been a good experience. We’re getting the 
message across about teen pregnancy and 
responsibility, and as my co-actor Eric Muñoz 
says, “Teens relate to the issues that go on in the 
story. It’s about stuff teens stress out on.’’  I have 
also learned that a radio production is a lot of work.