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Youth Making Some Noise!

Youth Speak Out On Iraq War
Author: Roxy Brown

When you see the news or read 
the paper, and you see what your country is doing in 
Iraq, are you proud? Do you think we are doing the 
right think, or not?
With the newspapers filling up more each day with 
garish war updates, I think it’s about time we talk 
about this. Our generation is the one who’s going to 
have to pull this world back together after it’s all 
over. And if we don’t, our children are the ones who 
are going to suffer.
I conducted interviews at Watsonville High to hear 
what the students had to say, and here are some of 
their great responses. I just wish I could have
interviewed everyone.
“Everything ‘good’ the US has done so far, doesn’t 
seem to be worth the ‘bad’ it’s taken to get there.” 
—Seanna Lanagan, grade 10.
“Of course we did the right thing going after Saddam 
Hussein; it was only a matter of time before he came
after us.” 
—Daniel Solano, grade 9.
“If it were up to me this war would be over, war is 
for weenies!” 
—Felicia Antonio, grade 9.
“I believe that we went into Iraq because of a family 
feud, not for the betterment of our country.”
—Katherine Hozier, grade 12.
“We have to leave Iraq as a better nation now that 
we’ve dismantled their government, if not, every death 
and all the progress will go to waste.” 
— Billy Woods, grade 9.
“Every day that we stay in Iraq is one more day of war,
and one more day of pain.” 
—Griselda Orozco, grade 11
I’m very proud of all of the smart, opinionated young 
people that I was able to interview! 
I would like to touch on one last point. Every single 
person I talked to had an opinion; every person had 
something to say. If you are content with having your
voice heard around Santa Cruz County that’s great, but 
you can take it further! Write to the president, go 
online and find something to do to support your
cause. Always remember that every voice counts, even 
yours. And if you happen to be eighteen and haven’t 
registered to vote yet, GO REGISTER!!
But if you find it’s hard to form your own opinions
about the world, I urge you to find some straight-up 
teacher, or website, or friend who will help you 
develop and decide what you personally think about the 
war in Iraq.
Lastly, a shout out to everyone who has a family 
member or friend in Iraq; I can’t even imagine the
pain and worry.
Here are two great sites to check out:
President Bush:
Santa Cruz Resource Center for Nonviolence:
If you are so inclined (like I have been many a time) 
send President Bush a letter and let him know how you 
feel. Be it a pat on the back or a slap in the face, 
he always appreciates young people who are on top of 
their game. Make your voice heard!