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Youth Making Some Noise!

Think school is lame?
Think again, dude.
Author: Angel MejŪa

I remember being exhausted in 
my classes all day Monday 
through Friday during my 
senior year at Harbor 
High School.
I was taking all those college prep classes such as 
Chemistry, Algebra 2 and Networking. That year was 
hard because my focus was just falling apart during 
the final weeks. Plus those darn papers for college 
financial aid and admissions, they really stress ya 
out. Filling them out and not knowing; the feeling of 
not being able to do anything, just waiting and hoping 
you get the best financial aid package. 
Turns out I did get a great package, and the 
opportunity to go to San Jose State or San Francisco
State, but I turned them down.
After working so hard in high school, I wasnít
interested in seeing another book or application for
a while, so I took a break.
From that point on I lost all my school work ethic, 
focus, and my drive to study. I moved in with one of 
my brothers in Watsonville and kept my job at the 
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Then I worked a few other 
part time jobs. After a few months I felt that work 
was just not made for me.
After a half-year of kicking back, I decided to go
to Cabrillo College. My major was undeclared. I was 
thinking about taking it slow with school, not knowing 
how hard it was going to be. 
My first semester, I took welding, English and 
political science. It suddenly dawned on me that my
math and study skills had fallen into a black tunnel 
leading to an endless abyss.
I was such a good student before, and now I had lost 
all my brainpower.
I am still enrolled at Cabrillo College, taking 14  
units. I am taking English, math, science and 
communications. Had I known what I know now, I would 
have just kept going to college after high school.
I found out the hard way that I should have kept going 
to school. I regret not staying in school, but then 
again sometimes we are ignorant at a young age. We 
always want the money.
If youíre in high school and get the opportunity to go 
to college, take it! Donít think of the money, think 
of your education. 
Good luck to this yearís graduating class in pursuit
of higher education.