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Violación Sexual:
The Truth About Rape in Watsonville
Author: Martha Béjar

Out of the 30 girls in your classroom, 10 of them will 
be raped before they die but only one of them will 
report it.  De eso no se habla.  A lo major eso es 
parte del problema: que nadie habla este tema.
Most rape victims know their rapist before their 
assault.  Puede ser su novio o un familiar.  Puede se 
caulquiera.  Rape and sexual assault are acts of 
violence.  No es una cuestión de sexo; es un acto de 
poder.  Most rape victims are left feeling powerless, 
embarrassed, ashamed, guilty and afraid of being 
blamed.  Que mala onda, que vivimos en una sociedad 
que culpa a la víctima.  Women receive many messages 
about the way they should dress and act, but the 
bottom line is: nada le da a nadie el derecho de 
violar tu espacio personal.
Even if you been drinking or using drugs, the law 
protects.  Guys, si está muy peda y no puede decir que 
no, it’s rape! Y si tienes miedo de que te tuerza la 
placa por habar estado pistiando cuando te pasó, it’s 
not going to happen.  You’re protected under the 
California Sexual Assault Law.
Sabemos que no es fácil hablar sobre una violación 
sexual pero es muy importante placticir con alguien 
sobre lo que sucedío.  It could be with a friend, a 
parent or a teacher.  It could be anyone, it just has 
to be someone you can really trust.  Nunca es bueno 
tener tantos sentimientos dentro de ti.  It could 
worsen your trauma and overwhelm you.  It could even 
make you want to commit suicide.
If it happens to you or to anyone you know, it’s 
important to stay however you were when it happened.  
As long as you’re not in danger, don’t change 
anything.  Repórtalo a la policía dentro de 72 hours 
porque nunca es culpa de la víctima.  It doesn’t 
matter what clothes you had on or how you acted, or 
even if you were drunk.  Talk to somebody about what 
happened and just get help—you’re not alone.  Make 
sure that you don’t take a bath before you talk to the 
police, no matter how dirty you might feel.  Don’t 
brush your teeth, gargle, or change your clothes.  
Don’t go to the bathroom.  If you really, really have 
to, save your pee and the toilet paper you used.  The 
police can use all this as evidence.
Here are some tips for everyone out there: no se 
pongan tan pedas con vatos porque ustedes nunca saben 
cuáles son sus intenciones.
· Try not to walk alone at night—always try to walk  
  with a friend.
· Siempre mira en los ojos a la gente a tu alrededor.
· Take care of yourself and don’t do anything you  
  don’t feel comfortable with.
· You always have the right to say no.