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Gay Marriage Is Against Our Nationís Ideals
Author: Oscar Lomeli

For a long time gays have struggled to get the same 
rights and privileges that their straight counterparts 
have. As their movement ages, they are achieving
these aims to try to control many aspects of our 
society. Television shows like Will and Grace, Queer 
Eye for the Straight Guy, and many others create a 
visual of what homosexuality really is.
Many of us men canít understand how two men can
become emotionally attached and attempt to live as a 
married couple. Marriage is the exchange of vows for 
men and women to join as spouses. The world has never 
seen any other generation of homosexuals more 
determined to change the rules of these vows.
What has this world come to? I think I speak for most 
heterosexual males that are against the legislation of 
gay marriages.
Why do I oppose them? Marriage vows were meant for 
heterosexual couples, NOT for homosexuals. If gay 
marriages are legalized, our nation will become more 
of a free spirited joke throughout the world.
Conservative Americans will not vote for a law that 
gives homosexuals the right to get married. By doing 
so, gay marriages would create a lack of unity and 
create an opposition to most family structures.
If the federal government approves gay marriages, 
there will still be the hetero counterparts protesting 
against the failure of our nationsí customs.
May I directly address the men who believe in a 
straighter America? We, as the heterosexual type, need 
to create a more unified structure of living, meaning
that we need to control our society from any changes 
that can jeopardize our manhood.
Gay marriages are a threat for what we see as unity 
and love between men and women.