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Emergency Contraception:
Itís Not Too Late!
Author: Shoutout Staff

The best solution to unplanned pregnancy is 
prevention. You have up to 5 days to take Emergency 
Contraception (EC) pills after unprotected sex. EC 
reduces the risk of pregnancy by 75-89%. Thatís a lot! 
Remember, it can keep you from getting pregnant, it 
does not abort a fetus. This is not an abortion pill!
For more information about EC visit 
You can also talk to a health professional at Salud 
Para La Gente in Watsonville (728-0222) or at a 
Planned Parenthood near you. Donít forget that in 
California, you can go to your local pharmacy and they 
can help you out.
If your clock is ticking, donít miss the opportunity 
for a second chance at preventing pregnancy.