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The Departed Is Bloody Good!
Author: Jose Zamora

The Departed is a very complicated and 
interesting new movie out in theaters. It has various 
murders, and some corrupted cops placed there by the 
leader of the mob. Actor Jack Nicholson plays Frank 
Costello, the leader of the mob. Billy Costigan, 
played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is an undercover cop who 
is working with Frank Costello in order to gain his 
trust. Billy is working with the undercover cops to 
capture Frank Costello.  
The police try to capture Frank Costello many times, 
but in the ambush to capture him they never succeed. A 
corrupted cop gives Frank Costello all the information 
on all the plans the police have to capture him. The 
police install cameras in tunnels where Frank Costello 
is going to meet with other criminals, while a special 
device traces the cell phone calls. Although the 
police have all that technology, they still canít 
capture the mob. In this movie it is very hard to 
predict what is going to happen next. This movie is 
very different from all other movies because something 
tragic occurs that does not happen in most movies.
The Departed  has a few weak spots, such as 
when the police make the plan to capture the mob 
leader. This part is really weak because there is not 
a lot of action and the mobsters already know ahead of 
time about the ambush by the police. Another 
disappointment occurs between the two enemies. This 
part is unsatisfying because the two characters spend 
so much time trying to find information about each 
other. Elizabeth Medina, who saw the movie, 
said, ď[The Departed] wasnít really one of the 
movies that I like watching; it was really bloody and 
I donít like killing movies, but it was alright.Ē  
Even though Medina gave the film a bad review, Cesar 
Froylan really liked the film. ďGreat Movie! One of 
the best Iíve seen in a really long time. Iím a fan of 
Damon, DiCaprio, Wahlberg and Nicholson, and I believe 
all of them should be nominated for awards. This movie 
was made for the people of Boston. The only stretch 
was Sheenís accent. Other than that, everyone else was 
right on the money. The shots of downtown and south 
Boston were awesome, and the music couldnít have been 
a better fit for this movie. If you havenít seen it, 
definitely go see it. You wonít be disappointed,Ē 
Froylan shouted out. 
Some of the strengths include the actors, plot, and 
scenery of the movie. The actors are very energetic 
and show a lot of enthusiasm for their roles. The 
action scenes are well staged and show the storyline 
between the characters. The ending is very interesting 
because something unexpected happens that involves the 
main character. The Departed  was also 
nominated for five Golden Globe Awards, including Best 
Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best 
Screenplay. It was also named one of the top ten films 
of the year by People Magazine. 
If you would like to see a movie with a lot of action 
and good scenery, go check The Departed  out. 
If you are ever bored and in need of entertainment, go 
to the nearest theater for some enjoyment.