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Ridin' High on Low-Riders
The Lowdown and Lowriders
Author: Justin Quiroz

Cars. What can I say about cars? Only that everyone 
wants one. There are many types of cars; old cars, 
street racing cars, trucks, SUVs, to name a few. But 
around here, lowrider cars are a lot more popular than 
any other cars. For example if you ask most teenage 
guys what kind of car they want, they usually say ďI 
want some rims, a good system (bass, CD player, Subs, 
etc.) and an awesome paint job.Ē 
But cars are very expensive. They donít come cheap, 
you know. Thatís why the people who canít afford to 
spend thousands of dollars to buy or fix up a lowrider 
car, buy lowrider bikes instead. But some lowrider 
bikes cost as much as $4,000 when theyíre completely 
fixed up. 
So why would someone want to spend that much money on 
a bike? Well, lowrider bikes are very in and they are 
still cheaper than a car. Nearly everyone who canít 
afford a lowrider car wants a lowrider bike because 
they are fun to ride and to customize with 
Accessories play a big part of the car or bike. They 
add style to your bike or car. And even though bikes 
arenít as big as cars, you can still add all kinds of 
accessories to your bike like rims, special seats, 
special paint jobs, custom suspension, a steering 
wheel and even a sound system. You can even lower 
or ďdropĒ the bike. 
Lowrider bikes are very different from other bikes in 
many ways: the shape is different, the tires are 
smaller, the frame has to fit the parts exactly in 
order for the bike to be ridable, and the handlebars 
are much higher than normal bikes. Lowrider bikes can 
also be difficult to ride, but most people catch on 
pretty easily.
So if you arenít ready to lay out the cash for a 
lowrider car, think about getting into a bike. You can 
start with the basics and keep adding accessories. But 
if you want to pimp out your car or bike, you better 
start saviní!
Canít afford a lowrider car? 
Hereís what it might take to get into lowrider bike:
$ 210 	Basic Bike
$ 150	Body Work
$ 500	Murals
$ 16 	Tires
$ 60 	Baby D Rims
$ 45 	Steering Wheel
$ 250 	Hydraulics