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Have You Seen the Safer Sex Machines?
Author: Alejandra Nolasco

Summer is over and school is back, but that doesn’t 
mean we have to stop partying. Right? I know I’m not. 
I heard there’s a really great party coming up this 
Friday night. Are you going? Hopefully you are
But before you head out, get prepared and grab a 
condom. That’s right, a condom. Well, you never know 
when are you’re going to need it. What if you get into 
that hot, hot situation? Then you’re going to run to 
the store and buy some Trojans? You’ll probably be too 
embarrassed, and your partner will be cold, cold by 
the time you return.
Let me suggest that you make a quick trip to one of 
ShoutOut’s condom vending machines before the fun 
starts. These “safer sex machines” are located around 
Watsonville and Santa Cruz, in both men’s and women’s 
restrooms. Girls take charge! Don’t wait for your guy 
to do it.
For example, you can pop into Super Grullense 
restaurant, right on the Watsonville Plaza. Carlos 
Flores, owner of Super Grullense, says he has machines 
in the restrooms because, “I like helping the 
community and I love it when teens take actions to 
help prevent pregnancy.” He hopes the machines will 
help make teens more responsible.
And it seems like you are being more responsible: 
We’re selling more than 400 condoms a month! 
Super Grullense is our #1 condom sales spot, but it’s 
not the only place where you can buy them. In downtown 
Watsonville, you can find machines at these local hang 
outs: My Choice Pizza (next to the Fox Theater), 
Cabrillo College (in the old building), and the Kalich 
Building (home of the Net Café). 
Let’s say you’re not in Watsonville and you’re headed 
into downtown Santa Cruz. Then you may want to visit 
Bookshop Santa Cruz, Saturn Café, or Pipe Line. 
We’ve got Aptos covered too, with machines at Cabrillo 
College (the restrooms in the library and the gym).
We’ll be putting more machines out there, so let us 
know if you have a favorite hangout where you’d like 
to see them.  
The condoms cost only $0.75 for two, and you have 
privacy buying them. Protect yourself, be safe and 
have fun. Get a CONDOM!
If you have any “safer sex machine” location ideas, 
contact ShoutOut at (831) 722-9277 or