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Abstinence & Virginity

Let’s have sex…Umm…NO!
Author: Karina Huerta

“Baby you know I love you so let’s just go on and do 
it.” Have you ever heard this line before? I hope not, 
but if you have then you know how it feels when 
someone pressures you to have sex with them using 
the “L” word, you know, “love”? 
Well, I was really curious to see what are some of the 
pick up lines (or strategies) that guys use to get 
girls to sleep with them…you know…have sex. Anyway, I 
found out that guys can use the most ridiculous and 
goofy lines in the world but unfortunately, sad but 
true, some girls do fall for them. 
I did a radio piece for a special teen health show 
called Youthtopia on KUSP 88.9 FM. I got to interview 
many people and got everyone’s perspective on this 
issue. I realized that the lines used were not just 
used alone. Instead guys used substances at times in 
order to get girls in the ‘mood’ for sex. For 
instance, they would use alcohol said José, 19. Or 
they’d use pathetic pick up lines like, “Your eyes are 
like a gateway to a life I want to be a part of and 
then BANG!” said Julio, 18. Or guys just straight up 
pressure girls to get what they want, said Alejandra, 
16. Alejandra said guys say things about wanting to 
take the relationship to the next level and making the 
girl feel like she’s not showing her love if she 
doesn’t have sex.
When guys in this situation get what they want (sex), 
girls are the ones that deal with most of the 
consequences, said Christian, 16. If people find out 
that a girl had sex with a guy, that girl will be 
labeled as a slut and the guy would be glorified as 
a ‘player’, said one girl I interviewed. “Yeah, it 
might sound good for the guy at the moment but when he 
really wants to settle down with a girl, most girls 
wouldn’t want a guy with a ‘player’ reputation as a 
husband,” said Diana, 18, “I know I wouldn’t.” Now if 
the girl were to get pregnant, she’s the one who has 
to carry that baby for nine months. Are you listening? 
NINE MONTHS! “She’s the one who will have to take care 
of the baby when it’s born,” Julie, 11, states. “She 
would be stuck with this baby for life.” On the other 
hand, the guy would just leave the girl and sometimes 
that’s as far as that would go. Now girls, do you want 
to be in that position? I hope not. 
How can you avoid these lines? The best way to avoid 
situations like these is to never put yourself in 
them, and if you happen to be in one then just 
say, “NO” said Melanie, 17. It’s the best answer to 
something you don’t want to do. 
Now guys, think twice about pressuring a girl to have 
sex with you. Because nowadays your freedom can depend 
on it, especially if you’re over 18 years old and 
she’s a minor. I’ve seen too many of those life 
situations and definitely too many young girls with 
strollers at my school. Don’t let it happen to you and 
if it does, remember, “with no glove, no love.” Be