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Music Makes You Lose Control!
Author: David Ortiz

There are a lot of different types of music, but the 
most heard in the county are Rap, R&B;, and Reggaeton. 
Why is it that so many people like these types of 
music? What is interesting about the music that 
attracts such big audiences? People like rap for the 
messages it gives out and the way rappers and 
producers are able to rhyme everything out. Others 
enjoy R&B; and Reggaeton because it gives you an 
energetic beat that makes you want to dance. But where 
did all these different kinds of music come from?
Well, rap originated in the Bronx in New York City. 
DJs began isolating the bass beat break from funk and 
disco songs. The MCs began speaking between songs, 
saying jokes or stories. Eventually it began to get 
more style to it and got known as rapping. Some known 
artists of rap include Tech N9ne, Eminem, and The 
Game. So because of these artists, rap is becoming 
known more and more. 
R&B;, also known as Rhythm and Blues, was made mostly 
for blues kind of music but with a bit of a rhythmic 
beat. Many people used it to express their emotions. 
According to, the word rhythm 
means “expression of musical time” and the word blues 
means “improvised, sad music.” R&B; was first started 
by many African American people in Chicago, New York, 
Detroit and Los Angeles. Some of today’s R&B; artists 
are Chris Brown, Ciara, and Usher.
Reggaeton is a blend of Jamaican music influenced by 
reggae and dancehall which is combined with rap or 
Spanish rap. Reggaeton hit the Latino youth during the 
1990’s, which is when it first started in Puerto Rico 
and Panama. Then it spread throughout the United 
States, rapidly concentrating on the Latino 
population. Many people argue over the lyrics being 
too sexual, especially the dance called perreo. This 
basically refers to dancing where people grind, freak 
dance, and get crunk, and school officials still argue 
over banning this kind of music in schools. There are 
many artists known to the public, but the most heard 
artists are Daddy Yankee, Wisin Y Yandel, Hector “El 
Father,” Calle 13, and Don Omar. 
The reason why rap is popular is because it gives a 
message, rhymes, and has a good beat. R&B; is popular 
because it has a rhythmic beat and a slow beat at the 
same time. Reggaeton is becoming more and more popular 
because it has an energetic beat that makes you want 
to dance the perreo, and the lyrics mostly revolve 
around sex or a sexual feeling.  
Everyone can find an artist or two to enjoy from any 
type of music. Though rap, R&B;, and Reggaeton have 
increased in popularity over time, all types of music 
are fun to listen to. Pick up that iPod or CD player, 
and listen to the beats and sounds that make up the 
world of music.