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Your Salud

“Have you done it?”
Author: Liz P.

It’s about six o’clock at night and two guys are 
kicking it at Jack in the Box. After a good munch they 
start talking about the hot topic: SEX. Carlos, better 
known as “Big C,” starts yakking about his experience 
as a sex freak. 
“Man that chick was fine, boning her was sweet,” Big C 
says. “Man she just knew how to groove it with no 
complaints. S**T I wouldn’t mind taking her again for 
another round.” Pablo grins as he listens to Big C’s 
stories; but he was not expecting to be confronted 
with the “V” word: VIRGIN. Big C soon pops the 
question. “Hey fool, so what are you a virgin or have 
you worked it?”  Pablo’s face turns red and he doesn’t 
know what to say. Should he lie about his virginity or 
should he tell wild stories that aren’t true? Pablo 
didn’t want his friends to know he was a virgin. He 
knew that if he told the truth they would make fun of 
him and even think he is “gay.” “What to do,” he 
thought to himself. “Whatever, I’ll just lie,” he 
decided. In a strong, masculine voice Pablo 
said, “Hell yeah, I’ve had some ass.”
Have you ever heard of this happening? Have you ever 
lied about being a virgin? Well what’s the big deal 
about being a virgin? “It may be too embarrassing,” 
said one guy I interviewed. Some guys lie about being 
a virgin and go along with other guys, making up 
stories. One girl thought some guys did this 
because “they want to be cool.” Some guys don’t want 
to be judged because their friends might tell them 
they’re gay because they haven’t been with a girl. 
They want to fit in so they won’t be made fun of. 
The fact is that there are many teenage guys who have 
not had sex, 46 percent of boys age 12 to 19 according 
to a study done by the National Campaign to Prevent 
Teen Pregnancy. The study also found that teenage boys 
are more likely to feel pressured to have sex (82 
percent for guys vs. 79 percent for girls). Boys 
report that they often feel pressured by their friends 
while girls report that the pressure to have sex 
mainly comes from their partners. However, 90 percent 
of teenager boys believe it is important for teens to 
get a strong message to wait for sex until they are 
finished with high school, according to the study. 
Many guys I talked to in high school said they have 
not lied about being virgins. They said that being a 
virgin was a natural thing and that you should only 
have sex when you are ready. But they admitted that it 
was embarrassing to admit they are virgins and that 
teenagers should only tell the truth to people who 
won’t make fun of them. They said guys who lie about 
being virgins do it to fit in so they won’t be made 
fun of.
What girls have to say is that it’s okay for a guy to 
be embarrassed; there’s nothing to be ashamed of. One 
reason why guys lie about being virgins is they might 
be embarrassed if their girlfriend wasn’t a virgin. 
They also lie to seem cool with their friends. Girls 
said that both girls and guys should lose their 
virginity only when they’re ready and to make sure 
they do it with someone special.
Now that you have heard these opinions there shouldn’t 
be a reason for guys to not admit the truth. The best 
thing to do is to say whatever you feel comfortable 
with. If somebody gives you a hard time about being a 
virgin, tell him or her to back off, you’re saving 
yourself for someone special.