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Wanna be healthy? Exercise!
Author: Vanessa Carter

Wanna know the best place to meet hot, sweaty guys and 
girls? No, itís not at a club, but at the gym! Thatís 
right, the gym. While you lift weights or stretch, 
strike up a conversation with the cutie next to you. 
Ask them the secret to their great abs, or what kind 
of music they listen to. Not only will you be staying 
fit, but youíll also be meeting new people. Who knows, 
you might even meet your soul mate there!
Shy about exercising in front of strangers? No sweat! 
Try light exercises that you can easily do everyday. 
Pick up that old jump rope out of the garage and start 
skipping! Take a walk on the beach, ride your bike to 
the store, or have a game of tag with your friends 
like when you were kids. In no time youíll look and 
feel a lot healthier.
And while weíre talking about healthy, donít forget to 
watch what you eat. No, that doesnít mean going on a 
diet, it means try eating more fruits and veggies. 
Like, instead of Hot Cheetos, try snacking on baby 
carrots with ranch dip. Or instead of eating cookies, 
try eating grapes. You can still eat stuff like 
McDonalds, but keep the junk food limited to a couple 
times a month. If itís hard, donít feel guilty. Food 
isnít your enemy; your enemy is the kid who stole your 
best friend in 5th grade. Food is good! Enjoy what you 
We all need to eat right and exercise, and if you take 
it step by step eventually youíll be a happier, 
healthier person.
*Remember, always talk to your doctor before 
starting any exercise program or diet.