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Marriage Is a Right That Everyone Should Have
Author: Monique Guzmán

 am a strong supporter of gay marriages. It is unfair 
and hypocritical to deny a group of Americans a right 
that pertains to the whole nation just because they
love someone of the same sex. Love is something 
universal that has no boundaries and no judgment. If 
two people love each other, they should have the right
to be together.
One of the reasons why I support gay marriages is that 
it is unconstitutional to deny a right. The 14th 
Amendment shuns discrimination of rights to Americans, 
but it is being violated with the President trying to 
push forward a constitutional amendment that claims 
that marriage is a union only between a man and a 
woman. If this amendment passes, it will deny the gay 
community the right to marry.
To deny homosexuals the right to marry is hypocritical 
because in the Declaration of Independence, Thomas 
Jefferson wrote that, “All men are created equal.” 
With this statement it should be understood that all 
Americans have equal rights and opportunities. By not 
giving homosexuals the right to marry because of their 
sexual preference means that they are less than equal 
to the rest, and therefore are not worthy of marriage.
If the concern is that homosexuals will ruin 
the “sanctity of marriage,”
please reevaluate your opinion, because there is no 
such thing as the sanctity of marriage in America. How 
can one say that gays are dismembering what marriage 
stands for when there are television shows like For 
Love or Money, and The Bachelor, shows where many 
compete for a chance to marry the usually rich 
contestant that they only get to know on a handful of
“group dates.” In the end, the winner with “genuine” 
feelings of love chooses millions over the marriage or 
sometimes the relationship dissolves within months of 
the show’s finale. I thought love and marriage were a 
serious commitment but these shows prove wrong.
I also don’t understand how the sanctity of marriage 
can exist in America when “approximately 50% of 
marriages end in divorce,” according to a Watsonville 
High Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) member. It is very 
interesting that the divorce rate is so high when it 
is so widely believed that homosexual love is unreal 
love, and that only heterosexuals are capable of real 
love, which is supposedly the love required for 
marriage. It just goes to show that “Love is not 
something we can define, we cannot say there is real 
and unreal love,” says Emily Wong, a GSA member.
To say that homosexuals can’t marry because of their 
sexuality, which goes against the teachings of the 
Bible, is invalid. We are a democracy where there is
a separation of church and state. When dealing with 
which rights people shall have, we are dealing with 
the government, and the government has to decide
whether homosexuals should or should not have the 
right to marry based on the laws of the Constitution 
and not anyone’s religion.
Do not oppose gay marriages because you think 
it’s “disgusting.” Support gay marriages because it is 
our job as American citizens to ensure that we all
have the same opportunities in life. The Declaration 
of Independence states that we all have the right 
of “the pursuit of happiness,” and if it makes a man 
happy to love another man, just as if it makes a man 
happy to love a woman, then homosexuals should most 
definitely have the right to marry just as 
heterosexuals do. Remember that love and marriage is 
about having a caring relationship and sharing a 
lifetime with someone you sincerely love. After all, 
aren’t we all Human Beings trying to live our lives
in which we want to love and to be loved above all