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The Danger of Abortion
Author: Alejandra Nolasco

Pregnancy is a gift that humans should appreciate. 
Many women wish to conceive a baby. However, others 
donít take advantage of their pregnancy, and decide to 
have an abortion, destroying and removing the growth 
of a fetus.
In 1973, the government legalized abortion, but the 
laws arenít always right. Why is it legal to kill a 
baby in the womb but itís unlawful to kill a human? 
Isnít it the same thing?
From many peopleís perspective, a fetus is not a 
human. Therefore, women decide to get an abortion. 
According to the pro-life group, National Right To 
Life (NRL), about 93% of induced abortions are because 
a woman decides that they arenít ready to have a
child. If they arenít ready to have a child, then why 
do they practice sexual behavior, knowing that there 
is risk of pregnancy?
When women use birth control, they should know that 
itís not always 100% effective, and it might result in 
pregnancy. Men and women take the action of sexual
behavior, then they must take the responsibility
of the consequences. Itís not the babyís fault. It 
shouldnít be killed because of an unplanned pregnancy. 
A baby in the womb might be a fetus, but it is
characterized as a human (has characteristics of a 
Well, just in case you didnít know, NRL says the 
babyís heart begins beating one month after 
conception. Then, if the fetus has a heart, donít you 
think it is considered a human? Most abortions take 
place in the first trimester of pregnancy. Abortion is 
allowed any time during pregnancy, thinking that the
fetus is not a human being. The NRL says that the 
fetus begins to have characteristics of a human a few 
days after conception. After 45 days of pregnancy,
you can identify the beginnings of the babyís arms and 
legs. After, seven to ten weeks (when abortions 
usually takes place), the fingers begin to appear,
and the babyís face can be recognized as human. 
Therefore, it can be identified
as a human fetus.
Furthermore, Roe v. Wadeóthe Supreme Court case that 
legalized abortion óallows abortions to be done 
throughout the three trimesters. As the baby grows, it 
begins to move in the womb, kick and hiccup. Doesnít 
that sound like a normal innocent little baby? Then, 
why destroy an innocent life that has done no human 
harm? This is America, everyone deserves to live 
freely. Then why canít they have the chance to live? 
From my perspective, nobody has the ability to judge 
who deserves to live or die.
Women should think twice about it. There are many 
alternatives to an abortion. Itís not the babyís 
fault. If women canít take care of the child, there
are centers where they help women obtain services such 
as housing, financial support, post-natal medical 
care, and so on.
Also, there are many people out there who would love 
to have a baby; women can get information for putting 
the baby up for adoption.
Think about it. If humans can have the consent to kill 
our own blood, then when will the violence stop?