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Uppers, Downers & All Points in Between

The Not-So-Lovely Love Drug
Author: Ashley Guiliani

Weíve all heard the horror stories of teens suddenly 
drop-ping dead after using ecstasy, and weíve most 
likely also been told that it is a very dangerous 
drug. Still, many of us continue to use ecstasy, but 
few of us are aware of its long-term effects. Before 
you take that little pill read this.
Letís suppose you donít die from heart failure or 
extreme heat stroke. This doesnít mean you have not 
done damage inother ways. Ecstasy use has been linked 
to a great numberof problems, including confusion, 
sleep and anxiety disor-ders, rash, severe depression, 
paranoia, liver damage,aggressive behavior, and may 
others. Use of the drug can affect the brain 
permanently. It not only makes the brainís
nerve branches and endings degenerate, but also 
makesthem re-grow abnormally, reconnecting in the 
wrongareas. This can lead to emotional changes, 
difficulties with learning and memory, and 
hormonal/chemical problems.
Are the risks really worth the high? Highly unlikely.