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Sex for Love, Love for Sex
Author: Isabel Martínez

Have you ever thought about, and paid close attention 
to, the saying, “Some girls give sex for love and guys 
give love for sex.” Weird, huh! So, think are you in 
that situation? Have you ever questioned yourself?
Girls: Are you a girl who gives sex for love? So, you 
have sex because you feel loved or cared for? Would it 
still be love if you got pregnant and he’s not there? 
Does sex for love mean your body is not worth much and 
you would rather be touched all over just for the fake 
love you receive in exchange? Is this the so-
called “strong relationship?”
Boys: So you are one of those guys that gives love for 
sex? You are categorized by writing love notes, 
bringing down the stars, taking your girl out to eat, 
hugging, and all that just for sex. Is this all worth 
it? When that ends, is there another victim? You want 
a good reputation from being seen with a lot of 
different girls? Can you be in a serious relationship 
and have sex with real emotions? 
Just face the fact that one of those people you’re 
sleeping around with can cause you to get an STD. 
That’s real, not fake. What will you do next when that 
fake love for sex turns out to be a baby, then what? 
Guys, stop lying and hurting yourselves. Look at all 
the bad you are doing and the risks you are taking. 
Hypocrisy will not get you far.
Why lie to yourself? Would all this change for a girl 
if they stop having sex with their boyfriends? If you 
are in a relationship and the guy (or sometimes a 
girl) does wonderful things for you, is it because of 
the sex? Why would you want to be in a relationship 
like that, being used? Take action and value yourself.
Sex for love, or love for sex, isn’t worth it!