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Kickin It:
The 411 on Hacky Sack
Author: Angel MejŪa

Hacky Sack, also called footbag, is such a kick-back 
sport. Ya just kick up a small beanbag and use a 
combination of kicks. The object is to keep the bag in 
the air using only yer feet and legs. You can do it by 
yourself or in a circle with ya friends. 
There are different ways of kicking. One is the still 
position, just standiní and kickiní. Next, thereís 
the "crazy hopping and moving" style, when your body 
is outta whack and moving everywhere. Then there is 
the aerial attack of doing major six- to eight-feet 
high kicks. 
The main goal is ta pull a cool trick, like a stall. 
Itís just so awesome to do stalls! A stall is when ya 
hold a Hack in a frozen position, do a show-off move, 
then return to continue playing. A stall can be done 
on any part of the body. The master stall is when you 
combine several stalls with either a roll-down or 
another stall. This is hard to do since you have to 
combine timing and coordination to create the perfect 
If youíre a soccer playa, ya might want to consider 
playing Hacky Sack. Requirements are the ability to be 
coordinated, flexible and creative. If youíre not that 
athletic, ya donít gotta worry, you can do it!
Itís good for anytime where ya just need to zone out 
from all that school studying. This is the most 
relaxing game or sport. Da main thang is just to have 
some fun. The best time ta play is definitely on a not-
so-cold but not-so-hot day, cuz the heat will just 
tire ya out.
Itís best if ya just play in da shade, to try and 
avoid blindness. Pick a place with a flat and not-so-
bumpy ground, as to avoid an ankle injury. Ya 
especially want to avoid the rain, so if itís raining, 
move indoors. The reason is so ya donít hack a wet and 
heavy sack. Plus, Iíve seen a few sacks break when ya 
play in wet weather. 
Trust me, itís an experience that truly changes you. 
Pick up a Hacky Sack at almost any sporting goods 
store. A world of flexibility and coordination is at 
ya feet, ya got it! If ya got the skill and da will, 
then play some Hacky Sack, aight! 
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