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You Are What You Eat

Healthy Snacks:
Alternatives to an Obese Lifestyle
Author: Esther Sweeting

Potato chips, candy, soda. Everywhere you go there are 
snacks packed with sugar, calories, and fat. What is a 
person to do if they are trying to watch their weight 
or just eat right? Here are some alternatives to the 
run of the mill snacks that tempt you on a daily basis:
Rice cakes: These come in a variety of flavors 
with few calories, fat, or sugars.
Energy bars: Some have a high sugar content but 
you wonít get the same boost from candy bars that can 
contain twice as much sugar as most energy bars.
Nuts: Pistachios, almonds, pecans, walnuts, and 
more. Nuts also provide protein and ďgood fat,Ē the 
kind your body needs.
Dried fruit: Strawberries, bananas, mangos, 
apples, and more. Most fruits you love to eat can be 
dried, you can carry them more easily in a re-sealable 
Trail mix: The best of both worlds. You get 
your nuts and your dried fruit all in the same bag.
Granola bars: Try the regular ones with no chocolate 
or caramel.
Yogurt: You can have whipped, blended, and many 
different flavors. Itís like eating pudding without 
all the fat.
Popcorn: Use an air popper, half the salt, skip 
the butter, and you have a great healthy treat.
Juices: Hold back on the juice drinks (Sunny 
Delight, Tampico) and get the real deal with 100% pure 
orange, apple, cranberry, and grape juices. Can you 
say vitamins?
Water: Zero calories, zero fat, zero sugar! And 
you thought zeroes were bad. If you drink soda at 
lunch, make a conscious effort to try and drink water 
Canít ditch all of your favorite snacks so easily? Try 
some of these alternatives.
Baked potato chips: Way less fat than regular 
fried chips and they taste just as good. You could 
also try pretzels or fruit "chips."
Bite-sized candy: Eating smaller portions of 
the treats that you love means you donít have to give 
them up completely.
Candy covered stuff: Try candy covered nuts, 
fruit, or vegetables.
Diet soda: No, you donít have to be on diet, 
but it will drop down your daily sugar intake 
Make it yourself: Drinks like lemonade and teas 
work well. You decide on the amount of sugar that you 
add, which is great.