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Amor y Deseo at Heartville High Facilitators' Guide
Amor y Deseo at Heartville High is an exciting audio novela about Latino teen issues that includes subtle sexual risk reduction messages. It chronicles the lives of a group of students at the fictional Heartville High. It's all about getting caught up in the joys, the pains, and the experiences of growing up fast in a slow town. Amor y Deseo was produced by Strategic Health Communications (SHC) (formerly Population Services International Central Coast Programs) and Radio Bilingüe with the assistance of teens and young adults from the California Central Coast region. The novela was aired previously on Radio Bilingüe's "Rockin' the House" teen talk show. Amor y Deseo consists of 10 episodes, each lasting between eight and fifteen minutes.
At the beginning of each episode of Amor y Deseo, a narrator reviews important events from the past and sets the scene for the upcoming drama. At the end of each episode, the narrator summarizes the action. National referral and reference information is included in the last 10-15 seconds of each novela.
Amor y Deseo is a serial drama, however, the activities that accompany the audio novela, have been designed to stand-alone. You may wish to listen to the entire series, or choose one or two episodes that address specific topic areas.
Objectives of Amor y Deseo
1. Delay sexual initiation; 2. Provide accurate information about safer sex practices and adolescent reproductive health issues; 3. Reduce the use of drugs and alcohol among teens, which can lead to impaired decision-making and unsafe practices; 4. Provide examples of communication skills; 5. Motivate teens to discuss sexuality issues with family, friends and partners.
Amor y Deseo Toolkit Description
SHC developed the "Amor y Deseo Toolkit" as an educational tool for the classroom. The "Amor y Deseo Toolkit" includes the complete "Amor y Deseo Novela" as 10 audio files, the Facilitators' Guide and useful handouts with discussion points and activities. Most of the classroom activities require no more than pens, paper and a chalkboard.
The "Amor y Deseo Toolkit" is available for free to educators working with youth on the California Central Coast. To request a copy, contact SHC at shoutout@strategichealthcomm.org or call 831-722-9277. The complete "Amor y Deseo Toolkit" is available online at www.shoutoutnews.org.
Background on the Toolkit Authors
Strategic Health Communications (SHC), formerly known as Population Services International Central Coast Programs, is an independent, local non-profit in Watsonville, California. The mission of SHC is to enable low-income, underserved, and vulnerable people to change their behaviors and lead healthier lives through the delivery of information, products, and services and the design of strategic health communication campaigns. SHC has been working with Pajaro Valley youth and their families since 1999 to reduce the high rats of teen pregnancy, educate teens about alcohol and drug prevention, and promote healthy eating and physical fitness. SHC uses a multi-faceted approach combining teen-produced media, strategic messages, community mobilization, and skills building activities for youth and parents.