Old People

Amor y Deseo at Heartville High Facilitators' Guide


Neighborhood friend of teens at Heartville High. Carlos is a single father of a baby-the result of an unplanned pregnancy. He graduated from Heartville and gives teens some good advice about life and love.

A student at Heartville High. Chris is Gloria's boyfriend. Chris likes to party, and his habits get him into some trouble when left unchecked.

A faculty member of Heartville High. Coach Martinez is the chaperone of the senior class trip, and gives the teens some important tips on safer sex.

A junior at Heartville High. David dates Lorena, and struggles with some tough questions about love, relationships, and safer sex.

Doņa Luz
Lorena's mom. Doņa Luz supports Lorena's friend Nancy when she finds out Nancy is pregnant.

A senior at Heartville High. Gloria is Lorena's friend, and Chris' girlfriend. She is the Senior Class Treasurer, and she develops a crush on Coach Martinez. She finds herself with a Sexually Transmitted Disease after a little too much fun on the senior class trip.

A student at Heartville High. Jasmine is Javier's twin sister. She takes her classes seriously, and plans to attend college. She volunteers at the clinic, and develops a relationship with Rudy, who learns to respect her for the responsible choices she makes.

A known drug dealer in the town of Heartville. Jason is also bisexual, which makes Miguel uncomfortable.

Jasmine's twin brother. Javier is the DJ at the after-prom party. His mother was a teen mom.

A junior at Heartville High. Lorena is David's girlfriend. She is a friend of Nancy and Gloria. Lorena has her own struggle with love and safer sex.

A student at Heartville High. Miguel is a known "player" in the town of Heartville. He is the father of Nancy's baby, and the friend of Chris. His party habits force him to learn some tough lessons the hard way.

A senior at Heartville High. Although she dates Tony, her one-night stand with Miguel leaves her pregnant. She deals with the tough choices of teen pregnancy, and loses her scholarship to the university.

A senior at Heartville High. Rudy saves Jasmine from a dangerous situation and begins to fall in love with her. Rudy's father insists that Rudy face the real world after high school graduation-begin taking college classes or get a job.